Direct Responses Over the years, through our efficacious direct response and infomercial services, we have been able to garner a lot of business for our prized clientele. We understand that every business needs a specific marketing plan.. read more

Virtual Receptionist Services A receptionist is a key link between you and your customers. If you want this link to be a strong one, you are browsing the right website. We can act as your virtual receptionist.. read more

Live Chat Our Live Chat Solutions provide you with a platform wherein you can have a direct contact with your customers. Your customers do not have to wait on phone to record their message.. read more

Order Taking Services Once the customer has decided to buy your product or service, we ensure there are right support channels to enable the customer to easily place the order. We provide customized 24/7 Order Taking services.. read more

Outbound Telemarketing Services Devising effective marketing strategies to bump up the sales is no cushy thing. However, outbound telemarketing can make things easy for you, for you do not have to worry about hiring marketing managers, devising marketing strategies.. read more

Real Time Email Response We provide effective communication solutions via our 24/7 personalized email response Services.. read more

Toll Free Customer Services Our personalized toll free customer services are potent enough to give a real thrust to your business. No matter what your business is, no matter where your customers are.. read more

Accounts The true success or failure of your business can be determined only after examining your business books and that is why every business should maintain accounts properly. Whether you are running a small startup company or managing a large enterprise, accounting services are inevitable.. read more

Legal process outsourcing When you are in need of legal help, you deserve the best affordable advice from experts and there is no need to confine yourself within your geographical location anymore. Many businesses can't afford a lawyer who will typically charge around $350 per hour for consultation and even if you can afford it, you can save money by outsourcing legal processing for simple to complex tasks.. read more

Transcription services Transcription services are required by businesses in one form or the other and it is not possible for you to hire dedicated transcribers to work for your business on-demand. Without having to figure out a team to transcribe various types of legal, medical and general audio files for you, you can get help from professional transcription companies. We have an expert team and essential infrastructure to transcribe all kinds of voice files.. read more