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Over the years, through our efficacious direct response and infomercial services, we have been able to garner a lot of business for our prized clientele. We understand that every business needs a specific marketing plan. Working on this philosophy, we chalk-out customized direct mails, e-service sponsorships, and e-marketing campaigns. We constantly evaluate our infomercial services for performance, and keep on improvising to make a winning impact.

Our Direct Response/Infomercial Services include:

  • Direct Mails
  • Opt-in e-mails
  • Banner ads
  • e-services sponsorships
  • e-marketing campaigns
  • Crafting enticing offers for your customers
  • Monitoring the overall results

We provide 24/7 Emergency Response Services for different industry domains such as Hospitality, Software & Hardware, Medical & Pharmaceutical, and Insurance. We boast hi-tech communication systems and intelligent Communication Experts who are adept at swiftly responding to any emergency call. Our hi-tech communication systems enable our experts to quickly transfer an emergency call to your company representative (who can then take control of the situation),  correctly apprise you of the exact nature of the situation your customer is in, and immediately provide you with detailed information of the caller.

Our 24/7 Emergency Response Services include

  • Emergency Hooters (embedded in the software created for you)
  • Special On-call Representatives
  • Quick call recording and call forwarding
  • Multiple information channels (viz. text message, tele-call, email, pager, and sms)
  • Voice Logger Technology (that digitally records each call)