Website Design Website design is not about filling the website with text and throwing some graphics in various parts of the website. Designing a website involves technology and innovative ideas to grab the attention of the visitors. Typically, an internet user will scan a website for a few seconds and your website should get the attention in three seconds. read more

Logo Design A logo for your business is crucial to establish brand identity. Pictures are worth thousand words and brand loyalty can be established with a well-designed business logo. Irrespective of the size of your business, if you have a business logo, it will make your business look big and professional. read more

Banner Design Digital banners play a very significant role in the online marketing strategies. Creative and attractive banners can be used in various places on the internet to establish brand loyalty and identity. read more

Website Development Website development is not simply a task and it is a complete process. Developing a website requires designers, consultants, specialists and programmers and all of them have to work together to bring life to your concept and idea. read more

Mobile Application The introduction of smart phones has literally shrunk the world and unless you reach out for smart phone users, you won't be able to taste real success with your business. Smart phone users can download useful mobile applications at any time and depending on your product or service, you have to provide an application that is easy for users to access from their mobile.. read more

Desktop Application The business environment can be easily spruced up with effective and user friendly desktop applications that run off the web browser, taking advantage of the offline resources. Many of the tasks that are currently performed manually can be automated and such tasks can be executed with the help of desktop applications…. read more

Face Book Application Facebook is the largest social network where people from several walks of life come together for personal and business purposes. The network is a great place to advertise your business, but facebook users will be excited if you present your business purpose in the form of facebook application…. read more

Search Engine Optimization The efficiency of Search Engine Optimization depends on the efficiency of the marketing plan that is put to use. The devised plan must be implemented using organic and ethical techniques to prevent search engines from blocking the website as a spam. Our Focus is on RESULTS!.. read more

Social Media Optimization The social networks that were designed to get people together are not just a place to find people who share the same passion. Researches indicate that businesses that are active in the social media websites are popular and thriving… read more

Pay Per Click The biggest benefit of pay per click marketing campaign is cost management. You only have to pay for the links clicked by your visitors and it is possible to reach a wider audience with our affordable pay per click marketing campaigns that are designed after doing necessary keyword research… read more

Affiliate Marketing At Creed InfoTech, we have an expert affiliate marketing strategy team that helps you in developing rapport with your affiliates. With our affiliate marketing services, you can get more visitors to your website and the domain that was previously inaccessible will come to your reach.. read more

Link Building When you have a business website, you need to make your website popular. Link building techniques and methods help you to achieve this popularity and if done in the right way, the incoming links to your website will improve its page rank and move the position of your website up among the search engine results.. read more