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Once the customer has decided to buy your product or service, we ensure there are right support channels to enable the customer to easily place the order. We provide customized 24/7 Order Taking services.

We have certified Communication Experts to provide you with streamlined Order Taking Services. These experts ensure that there is no miscommunication or misconceptions with regard to the type or brand of the order, amount or scale of the order, its corresponding price, and mode of transaction. Whether it is a bulk order or single item order, our Order Taking Services can wash off all your Order related worries.

Our Streamlined Order Taking Services include

  • Computerized Order recording
  • Multi channel sale support
  • Customized software to create your customers' accounts
  • Provision of taking orders via client's e-commerce website
  • Creating Order completion and sales reporting channels
  • Monitoring the delivery
  • Secured and correct transactions.
  • Feedback recording