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Devising effective marketing strategies to bump up the sales is no cushy thing. However, outbound telemarketing can make things easy for you, for you do not have to worry about hiring marketing managers, devising marketing strategies, contacting your prospective customers, and apprising them of your products or services. Quit a job! Isn't it?

Well, Creed InfoTech helps you get rid of this hulking job.  We offer top-flight outbound telemarketing services to a whole host of illustrious clients that include APB Mortgage, Websites online, Global Yellow Pages, Sprint Wireless, Dish TV, British Telecom Broadband, and UK Mortgage (Hot lead transfer).

Our outbound telemarketing services are not a ready-script-jingle. We dissect your business requirements, customer base, products or services, budget boundaries, and brand image. Accordingly, we concoct a customized outbound telemarketing plan for you that results in more sales, increased number of satisfied customers, and perked up brand loyalty.

Our Outbound Telemarketing Services include

  • Tele Sales
  • Identifying customer base
  • Lead generation
  • Direct Calling
  • Follow-up calling
  • Feedback Calling

Appointment Scheduling Services

If managing your customers' appointments has become a long dawn-out process for you, we can sort this out. Carrying out your appointment-scheduling task 24/7, our communication experts will ensure that your customers are allotted the right time slots for their appointments. Besides, our experts keep your customers updated about other service related matters.

Lead Generation Services

If you want to lead the way in your business domain, lead generation can help you in a big way. Lead generation has to be a part of every telemarketing campaign. But, lead generation has to be managed smartly. There goes a saying that - you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. It goes with lead generation campaign. However, Creed InfoTech can actually make the horse drink as well. We not only bring more leads to you, but also convert them into clients. In addition, that is where we score some key points!

Tele-survey Services

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs, after a day's good sales, used to hit the sack for those rosy dreams. In this age of tuckering pressures and straining competition, entrepreneurs keep thinking – what next? What tomorrow? Well, Creed InfoTech's tele-surveys can help you decide your next step and successfully plan your tomorrow. Our research experts keep close tabs on your business trends and target market.