Use TMS to streamline your logistics

In the dynamic landscape of transportation and logistics, efficiency, precision, and real-time control are paramount. Introducing TMS, a cutting-edge Transport Management System that streamlines your operations, optimizes your resources, and brings a new level of agility to your logistics workflows

In pursuit of logistics excellence, we:

understands the intricate challenges that the transportation industry faces every day. With years of experience and a dedicated team of industry experts, we've developed a comprehensive Transport Management System tailored to meet the needs of freight forwarders, shippers, carriers, and logistics managers alike.

Key Features of Transport Management System:

Centralized Control Hub: Our intuitive dashboard serves as your command center, offering a comprehensive view of your entire transportation ecosystem. Manage orders, shipments, and routes effortlessly from a single interface.

Efficient Order Management: Seamlessly create, edit, and track orders in real time. Assign shipments, generate invoices, and manage documentation seamlessly to ensure smooth operations.

Optimized Route Planning: Utilize advanced route optimization algorithms to determine the most efficient routes, reducing fuel consumption, transit times, and costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Real-time Tracking: Keep tabs on your shipments' locations and statuses in real time. Gain insights into delivery milestones and proactively address any potential delays.

Accounts Receivable (AR) Dashboard:
  • Invoicing: Create and manage invoices for services provided to customers, allowing for customization based on various factors such as rates, distance, and services rendered.

  • Payment Tracking: Monitor the status of payments from customers, track outstanding balances, and generate reports to ensure timely revenue collection.

  • Invoice History: Maintain a history of invoices issued to clients for easy reference and future auditing purposes.

  • Payment Reminders: Set up automated reminders to notify clients about upcoming or overdue payments, reducing the likelihood of payment delays.

Accounts Payable (AP) Dashboard:
  • Vendor Management: Maintain a database of vendors, carriers, and service providers, including their contact details and payment terms.

  • Invoice Verification: Validate incoming invoices against agreed-upon rates and services, ensuring accuracy before processing payments.

  • Payment Processing: Initiate payments to vendors based on approved invoices, streamlining the accounts payable process and maintaining positive vendor relationships.

  • Expense Tracking: Monitor expenses related to carrier services, fuel, maintenance, and other operational costs to better manage your budget.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Dashboard:
  • Knowledge Repository: Create and manage a repository of industry-specific knowledge, best practices, regulations, and resources for team members to access.

  • Training Content: Develop training materials, videos, and guides to help educate employees on various aspects of the transportation industry.

  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitate communication and collaboration among subject matter experts and other team members through forums, chats, and discussion boards.

  • Updates and Alerts: Keep the team informed about industry trends, regulatory changes, and other important updates to ensure everyone is up-to-date.

  • Broker Dashboard:
    • Load Management: Manage and track the movement of freight loads, from matching carriers to loads to overseeing the entire delivery process.

    • Carrier Onboarding: Onboard new carriers, verify their qualifications, and maintain a database of approved carriers for quick reference.

    • Load Booking: Book loads with carriers, negotiate rates, and confirm the details of each shipment within the dashboard.

    • Real-time Tracking: Monitor the progress of shipments in real-time, receive updates from carriers, and address any issues that arise during transit.

    Driving the Future of Logistics:

    TMS empowers logistics professionals to navigate the complexities of modern transportation effortlessly. From order creation to real-time tracking and performance analysis, our system optimizes every step of the process, helping you enhance customer satisfaction while driving down costs.