IT Solutions


Web Development

A synonym of excellent service and better user experience, Creed Infotech has built various websites ranging from Healthcare, Education, and Gaming, to Real Estate, Legal, logistics, etc.


UI/UX Design

We are one of the best design companies offering innovative digital experience by blending technology, creativity, and personalization in UI and UX development services.


Ecommerce Web Development

Over the years, Creed infotech has built credibility and Expertise in building scalable and customer-centric eCommerce websites.


Consulting & Business Analysis

One of our core roles is to find solutions that can make clients' businesses more profitable and successful by providing them with our consulting and analytics service.


Custom Web Development Services

Web app as needed

Make a customized, scalable website for you to directly address the specific demands and goals of your business.

Development & Support for ERP

Incorporating fully integrated modules to manage your workflows, workforce, and financial flows is something our ERP developers can help with.

Web Audit

Allow us to assist you with website auditing by carefully analyzing your page performance, checking the technical framework and infrastructure of the website.

DevOps & Cloud

By combining DevOps with cloud computing to meet your transformation goals, we assist business in remaining competitive in today's environment that is changing quickly.

Passionate development team

Employing a remote dedicated development team from Golden Eagle will help your business expand successfully and guarantee success.

Commercial Automation

We offer technology-enabled automation to streamline your business process as part of our end-to-end solutions.

Development of CMS

We guarantee an easy-to-use interface and give you the ability to maintain your website without having to have advanced technical knowledge.

Development of API

For your company, our team develops, administers, and integrates custom APIs for voice, video, payments, the cloud, accounting, etc.

How we do

Project Management



It's a more effective, quick, and organised approach to collaborate with a team and find a workable solution.



It provides efficient task management options that enable teams to function more quickly and collaboratively.



It enables better team cooperation and project management while allowing for the management of projects and tasks in one tool.



A user-friendly application for managing visual collaborative work that allows you to track team projects and share files with your team members.



It is a center for remote collaboration that shortens project development cycles and increases team output.


Click Up

It is a platform for managing all types of work in one location and allowing for simple integrations.



With its well-managed tools and features, cloud-based software enables faster project completion.



Task management and bug tracking are two capabilities that are particular to this collaboration tool for a project.

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